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Date: 17 Aug 2005 12:54:16
From: diluted
Subject: ring finger pain
HI, I've been bowling for about a year and I got my own custom drilled
ball in april (14lb). I bowl straight with a little bit of left hook
which has improved my average.

Anyway, recently I have had a lot of pain in my right ring finger at the
base of the finger (where a ring would go). It hurts more when I'm
bowling and I cant think of any other way I could have strained it.

I notice it most in my backswing, I think I might be over-gripping the
ball because I dont want to let it go on the backswing.

I know one way to make it better is to not bowl for a few weeks, but
wheres the fun in that? Any suggestions as to what could help?

Thanks in advance