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Date: 15 Mar 2005 15:24:40
From: twobirds
Subject: online tournaments ??
On the USBC website the other day, I ran across a link to and
subsequent searches turned up other ones called called
and .

So, are these legit? I would think that rad300 is due to the fact I found
it from a direct link from, and it also seems as if might also be legit due to the fact they make it
pretty easy to understand how their system works (but they are slow about
answering questions via email and I don't see any way to actually add money
to an account there) .. but doesn't seem to have
any available info about how it works or how to enter...

So, has anyone participated in any tournaments like these? Can anyone offer
any direct info about the legitimacy of these tournaments?

I'm currently in an advantaged position for handicap tournament scores.
I've been taking lessons for a couple of months and my abilities are growing
far faster than my average is since I already had 45 games in before I
decided to improve my skills. So, it appears that something like the above
mentioned organizations (if they are for real) could put a few bucks in my
pocket while I enjoy my new favorite passtime ;) Any info appreciated.