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Date: 06 Oct 2005 23:58:06
From: Spammy Sammy
Subject: Yet another daft q
Hi. Bear with me as they'll keep on coming....

I bowl with a 13lb Storm Hit. Can't get it to turn for love nor money. I've
also got a 13lb Sky Bolt which, unsurprisingly, turns reasonably well.
Numerous people over the past few months have suggested that my balls are
too light but hey, I paid good cash so I'll use the damn things.

Anyway tonight I tried a 16lb houseball and got good results. Kinda makes me
think whether 13lb is too light after all.

Anyway- my q. Would a reactive ball weighing 16lb be more willing to hook
than, say, a 13lb ball of the same make/model? Would the extra weight of the
ball make it press onto the lane surface any harder than it's lighter
counterpart and therefore react better?