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Date: 23 Sep 2005 21:52:15
From: litefrozen
Subject: USBC Response to "Dressing the lanes and the league President"
Heres the response that I got on my email. Its like we all figured.
I go and set everyone straight about.


The following is in response to the e-mail we received on September 21,

Please note that USBC does not require centers to redress their lanes
with the start of a new league each day.

Once the lanes have been dressed, it is entirely up to the center as to
whether or not they "redress" the lanes for subsequent leagues.

Your league could make a request for the center to redress lanes,
however, as previously stated, it would be up to the center as to
whether they would comply with the request.

As for varying conditions on a pair of lanes, both teams bowling on
that pair of lanes are bowling under the same conditions. Neither team
therefore has any advantage over the other as they are on the same
pair. Also, in this regard, there is never a guarantee that all
conditions on every pair in league will be exactly the same. Some
centers choose to allow league bowlers to open bowl or practice on
certain league lane pairs which can affect conditions as time goes on.

I hope this information has been helpful in answer to your questions.

Feel free to contact us should you have additional questions regarding
this matter by replying to this e-mail.


Mark Grubich
USBC Senior Rules Counselor
(800) 514-BOWL Ext. 3354

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