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Date: 14 Dec 2006 23:51:23
From: Beezlebub
Subject: Resin ball with urethane arc?
Hey all.

So bear with me here. :^)

After a 15+ year hiatus from bowling, I started back up this past
summer. I pulled my near mint condition AMF Sumo (sanded) out of the
attic and picked up a White Dot for spares.

After bowling at a number of centers to get a feel of what lane
conditions are like these days, I find that the Sumo still matches my
style of bowling quite well (straight down the 5-7 board, smoothly arcs
into the pocket, carries quite nicely). However, the amount of oil on
lanes today often overwhelms the Sumo. As such, I got it into my mind
to add a resin ball to my arsenal.

I settled on a Brunswick BVP Wizard, drilled over the label to make it
as "tame" as possible. However, I find that the ball has more backend
reaction than I want. In thinking about it, I think it's due to the
weight block inside the ball creating a lot of track flare (which you
absolutely do NOT get with the Sumo). It then occured to me that if I
could find a resin ball WITHOUT a weight block in it, then it would give
me something that could handle oil better without snapping on the
backend (since the track wouldn't be "fresh" on the backend).

I've done some looking, and Ebonite sells a resin ball with a basic
3-piece construction (the Tornado Warning navy/orange sanded). They
seem to consider it a low-end ball for beginners (and I'm a ~190 average
bowler), so I don't know how good the resin is on this thing. I also
happen to have an original AMF Ninja (black) in the attic that's only in
fair condition, but I can't completely rule out refurbishing it (can a
~13 year old resin ball can even be brought back to near-new condition?).

So my questions are:

1) Does my conclusion regarding the Wizard's backend reaction sound

2) Is the Tornado Warning a ball worth considering, or is it not going
to be any better than my Sumo?

3) Should I consider bringing the Ninja back out, or is it too old to
work well?

3) Is there another resin ball that can provide me with the smooth
urethane arc that I'm looking for?

TIA for the replies!