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Date: 26 Jan 2005 08:16:06
From: Bernie Cosell
Subject: Is the 'star sysem' working?
I thought that one of the motives behind the 'exempt tour' was to have
there be more 'stars' -- players the fans could identify with and look
forward to seeing with some regularity [cf, non-golfers watching golf
tournaments to see how Tiger of Vijay is doing; or non-tennis-fans watching
to see how Andre or the Williams sisters, etc; or even in our humble sport
in a bygone era, to see how Mark or Marshall or Earl or .. did].

It seems to me that the approach is pretty much a failure -- the players on
the TV show appear to be about as random from week to week as they had
been. Where's WRW? Where's PDW? etc...

I've been pondering it a bit and I'm not coming up with good answers. It
could be that bowling [unlike EVERY other sport I can think of] doesn't
have 'stars' -- that the pros are all *so* evenly matched that it really is
a crap-shoot as to who will bubble to the top in a given tournament. It
might be that the particular format leading up to the TV finals exacerbates

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