The bowlers choice for bowling chat.

Date: 05 Mar 2005 01:02:42
From: Jamie
Subject: I do not sandbag
Ok after last night and reading all these stories about Sandbaggers I have a
chance of getting a penalty or whatever called against me. after shoting my
last 644 series I haven't shot over 500 except one 550. and then last night
i shot a 96 I cant even capitilize it because its numbers. but a 96. so
Im -80 from the 4th place guy and 106 from the second place guy. Hearing
crap from the end of the first game through the first 5 frames of the second
game which started with a switch in balls to a Warp Zone and a X9/9/XX then
I start getting a little cocky because My captian (aforementioned in proior
posts) keep srunning his mouth about my 96. and Im am currently beating him
by 40 pins in the 5th and he was on an open. Now the money comes out betcha
this betcha that. no thanks Im fine. the other team is tired of hearing my
captian berate my 96 and everytime I get a strike they start clapping and
cheering. going 9/XXX (not exactly sure of the 9's there may have been a 7
or 8 in there. anyway I finish by strikig out in the tenth for a 224.

Now My captian can't beat but is still runing his mouth about my 96. the guy
that was +106 on me is now down 20 and the other guy was down 30. they both
shut up. My captian carries a 208 avg and I have a 172. at teh eagles
tourney he avg's 140 shooting a low of 110. The other team knows this and
starts making fun of him telling him he has no class after the way he
bowled two weeks earlier in a tourney and now hes saying stuff to me. WIth
his avg the 110 was worse than my 96. the third game the whels come off the
wagon and i finish with a 150. so I salvaged a little bit of the night but
couldn't believe how much the other teams are tired of him too.

thats my little rant