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Date: 27 Jan 2005 22:54:23
From: Edward \(300\) DeGraaf
Subject: Harry Golden's Medallion.
From the Bowlers Journal Cyber newsletter. Note at the bottom the contact
information to protest this situation. Let's flood these offices!!!


When former PBA Tournament Director Harry Golden died at the end of 2003,
those in bowling wanted to know about the fate of the medallion that the
Tour players gave to him as a symbol of their respect. and love. Golden's
wish was that it be donated to the International Bowling Museum and Hall of
Fame for permanent display, but his Last Will & Testament was invalidated,
and under a state statute, Nevada -- his long-time residence -- claimed the
medallion for its own. Plans were for the medallion to either be auctioned
off, or melted down for the intrinsic value of its gold content.

"It seems like it was a political decision," said IBM Curator Jim Baltz. "It's
a terrible decision. I'm shocked."

Attorney Don Napier fought the good fight to prevent Nevada from claiming
all of Golden's bowling memorabilia, especially the gold medallion, the
prize of the collection.

"I've been fighting to retain bowling's claim, starting the day after he
died, but now the legal decision has been handed down to me by the state
Attorney General. The state views the medallion as having high commercial
value. Unfortunately, it has more sentimental value, but we couldn't
convince the state that that was the case.

"To me, the reality of this situation has to be embarrassing [for the
state]," added Napier. "Harry and the PBA brought in tons and tons of money,
and never cost the state a dime. Now this."

Baltz stated that both the IBM and PBA had submitted formal requests for
Nevada to see things their way, but the Attorney General was not moved by
their arguments.

At this point, Napier has an order to turn over the medallion and the other
memorabilia to the state. Other than coming up with the name of a surviving
Golden relative, it would seem that the only way to save the medallion would
be if enough members of the bowling community contacted AG Brian Sandoval
(775-684-1100) or Deputy AG James C. Smith
(775-684-1217) and voiced their objections. Or visit and scroll
down to the state director for an email address. We'll keep you posted on
this one.