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Date: 14 Aug 2006 02:05:51
From: MC299
Subject: HELP! schedule for dutch National competition needed!
Hi all,

I have a huge problem creating a schedule for the dutch Major league
I have tried almost everything and asked so many people already.
Unfortunately, if you are not a bowler, understanding the question
seems nearly impossible!

Hopefully one of you can help me (us, the Dutch bowling federation)

8 5-man teams
6 regular competition days (1 per month) and 2 days of Play off.
Every competition day round robin will be played
So, 7 different matches per competition day.

The schedules I have made and/or seen, have all problem matches in it.
either team A plays to many matches on outside lanes, or 2 teams meet
every time in the 5th match etc etc.

After game 3 there is a break in which the lanes will be oiled again.
So game 4 is almost identical to game 1.
This is important to know because during the entire season you don't
want team A playing team B in either game 1 or 4.

So, how do I get a decent onest schedule...?
If soomebody wants to help me out and wants to have my excel sheet
schedule, please let me know and I will email it to you!

Thank you all very much in advance!!
Michael colijn
a frustrated dutch bowler..........