The bowlers choice for bowling chat.

Date: 05 Oct 2005 16:42:14
From: litefrozen
Subject: Brackets -or-Nassau's?
The main question is if you only got into one or the other, which would
it be the Nassau's (example- high game) or brackets and why?

The house here runs nassau's(Hdcp high game, series plus scratch ones)
and brackets. nassaus are a $1 a game ($3) and $3 for brackets (payout
1st-$15 2nd-$5 house gets-$4).

I was talking with the desk people about brackets and they said how on
the ladies night ( full house) they only do the nassaus. the women wont
do brackets.
I said I wonder why. I felt I have done better in brackets than I ever
have in the nassau's.
Like on my mens league (full house). I gave up on the nassaus (I only
got in hdcp stuff no scratch) to many guys scratch scores beat my hdcp
scores ( I ave in the 190's) unless I just happen to have a real good
night.I Just about never won in them.
But in brackets for the most part Ive been winning with good scores and
with really bad ones and ive at least got my money back or was ahead.
So ive been feeling that brackets are a lot better than nassaus.
Say a nassau has 32 bowlers enter that means you have to beat 31 other
bowlers to win. But in one bracket you would only have to beat 3
bowlers to win.
Now I know the nassau would pay out more say $32 a game total $96 if
you win all 3. The bracket only $15 but I think you have a better
chance of winning and if you won more often in the long run you'd make
out better. Also if you got into more than one bracket your odds get
better I think plus more payout if you win.
Ive been getting into 4 to 5 brackets a week and have at least got my
money back. In the nassaus I was just feeding the pot.