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Date: 17 Oct 2006 18:30:41
From: litefrozen
Subject: Bowling prizelist spreadsheet

Well i've been trying to find something like this.
Finally got finished making it myself
If you want to try it here it is-

"Prize List Calculator V 1.6"

This is a spreadsheet for making a bowling league prize list.
Team payouts are based on position (1st place, 2nd place etc..).
With payouts for individual mens and womens awards and Team awards.
It should print all on a 8.5x11 sheet of paper

To Use-
1. Enter Your league name.
2. Enter the total prize fund amount.
3. Enter how many teams on the league.(Currently this sheet is for 32 teams only)
4. Enter team size (# of bowlers) 1 to 5.
5. Enter Individual and Team awards.
6. Enter distribution setting (Flattest 1......2 Top heavy).

Position payouts and Totals will calculate automatically.